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Online Consultation

Dr. Milind R. Bhatt provides precious online consultation to his clients to enable them to have understanding of the kind of disease they are suffering from and analyse their dreams to know their actual state of mind. This also helps his clients to get relieved from Stress, Struggle etc. and lead a healthy and prosperous life thereafter.

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Dream Analysis

A medical problem can be treated if you remember your dreams. Because, dreams unlock your repressed psyche, tap your subconscious dramas, and help an experienced dream therapist to understand the fundamental cause of your ailment. Treatment is then just a matter of prescribing medicines.

Dr Milind R. Bhatt, a practicing homoeopath, and dream therapist says, "While practising homopoethy, we would get a lot of blocks. Even with the right medicines the patient wasn't getting cured, especially in the irreversible cases. Another hurdle was that the patient would come out with their feelings only to a certain extent - either he was hiding them or wasn't aware of them. So then we thought what is it that would reveal everything? I then started asking them about their dreams - was there any recurrent dream. When we understand the dream, we understand the basic nature and then we can do wonders with medicines."

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