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Stardom, Struggle, Stress & Suicide (physical or emotional)……………..

Stress, a very commonly used word is becoming a common cause of uncommon situation of our life; I mean an impulse to put an end to your life, commonly known as SUICIDE.

Now a days frequent news of Suicide due to excessive stress are surfacing.

So who is this Mr.Stress, who compels you to put an end to your beautiful life?

Many a times the life which we dream of, looks so beautiful that we somehow refuse to feel the reality. But can the eyes remain closed for a long time? NO! One fine day the eyes open, the dreams break and so does our constitution.

We really struggle so much to achieve the so-called glamorous Stardom, and then come the struggle to maintain your stardom in this competitive field. So one tend to over work, tries to give their 100%, start compromising with their principles, cant cope up with the pace and demand of their job, which indirectly suppresses your emotions & you tend to get angry, irritable at trifles which you label as a stress factor, but slowly you start getting aloof, followed by a feeling of loneliness and finally you are loaded with the adjectives such as Stress, Worry, Tension, Frustration, loneliness, and Depression, in short the “S” factor; ie. STARDOM – SURVIVAL – STRUGGLE - SUPERFICIAL SATISFACTION - Artificial SMILE - Indirect SUPPRESSION – STRESS - Difficulty to SUSTAIN as no one is indispensable - so either SURRENDER - or Lose SANITY - and welcome an unwanted impulse to commit SUICIDE either physical or emotional.

The dreams often reflect your emotional proceedings in life. Dreams which are scary, anxious, full of struggle, falling from a height, getting lost in jungle, cannot find home, cannot find your bedroom, or the bed is already occupied by some one, of accidents, of being on a remote island, etc are all such alarming dreams which has to be taken care of as a first priority to prevent yourself from becoming a slave to your own emotions.

To explain this, I have 2 dreams of a celebrity.

Dream 1:

In a temple of bal swaroop Krishna, suddenly I see Mr.Amitabh Bachchan & Jaya Bahaduri entering the temple, he has mridangam & he starts singing bhajans along with Jaya Bahaduri. To this I was surprised and happy too. Immediately after the 1st bhajan, he starts singing Gazal, to which I get very much disappointed but later feel ok ABOUT IT.

Explanation: Bal Swaroop Krishna symbolizes, naughty, tricky, loving personality in you, then you see 2 famous personalities singing bhajans in the temple, so religion and glamour together, to this you are surprised but happy too as it fits into your thinking of the glamour world. But once the kirten is replaced by gazals, you get disappointed, as that was unexpected & then you feel its fine as you have accepted this SITUATION either wholeheartedly or with hole in your heart, ie. DISTURBED EMOTIONALLY. So in brief the best known onscreen sober personalities slowly with time showed their real colors to which you were taken aback but you never wanted to return so somehow compromised with your principles and accepted them as a part of glamour world.

Dream 2:

I am traveling from Jalandhar, I find some one has put a dead body in my trunk of the car which already has a patient inside, so I shout at the driver as to who has put this dead body, & I wonder as to how can I have a dead body and a patient together in my car trunk.

Explanation: Car (my life) is an object that takes you to your set destination. Trunk is a storage space, the brain. So may be a situation of having a dead body, a lifeless individual put from outside and a patient, a non healthy individual that you have put in the trunk of the car which is yet to reach the set destination, (a situation where you were shocked when saw the true colors of glamour world but as you wanted to continue being with them you killed the real you, you compromised with your principles and carried on with the glamour trend) And then you shout at the driver, the person responsible for driving your car, your life that’s GOD, that why this dead body (me a dead body?) in my trunk?? Which means that you were too deep into this world that you yourself forgot that its not God but you who had put the dead body.

These two dreams definitely indicate that what you want in life looks rosy to begin with but later as the colour of the rose fades and one feels the prick of the thorns. But somehow you adjust to the situation, and carry on with a lot of subconscious suppressions and injured soul.

The things that can come to your rescue are Counseling, Yoga, Meditation and Homoeopathy, which can really take care of your diseased mind and change the way of looking at the situations, your dream patterns & ultimately restore health.

And then the day you get dreams of Nature, Greenery, Crystal clear blue water with peace of mind and good sleep, find yourself with me--------------ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD.