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Bringing out her hidden emotions

16th May, 2007, HT CAFE

When exams are around the corner, tension and fear surface in parents and children. Very often, parents compare their child with their more intelligent classmates.

This increases the pressure on kids, forcing them to work harder to live up to their parents' expectations.

While this perks up the lazy kid, it has its repercussions too. Often, children lose their self-confidence and their identity if they are pushed beyond their capacity.

It's up to the parents to strike a balance. Dr .Bhatt cites a case which he came across a year ago. Aditi Sanghavi, a teenage girl visited him with her mother. It was a couple of months before her CBSE exams..she wasn't studying much. Her mother complained that she was sleepy and irritable, especially when it was time to study.

The mother nagged her the entire day..the daugher retaliated by being stubborn and even back. answering her. Aditi says, "I was going through depression when I was in standard X. "I feltuseless when everyone at home yelled at me. There was lot of pressure at home, especially from my mom, to. study all the time.

"She shouted at me often, especially when she saw me lazing around a bit. I rebelled and answered back. But I was very tense because I wanted to secure a good percentage in my board exams. l wanted to take up science because I had ambitions of becoming a doctor." Her dad heard about Dr Bhatt on a radio programme and suggested that she seek his opinion.

Dr Bhatt says, "Aditi's mother's endless nagging prevented her from opening up to me and talking about her insecurities and fears. I gave her some pills help to bring out a person's inner emotions in the form of a dream. "This helps me to understand a person's constitution and treat him or her accordingly. Aditi had two dreams on three consecutive nights."

DREAM 1 : Aditi's dead body is lying on a railway track and there's a watch next to it.

DOCTOR'S ANALYSIS: The train takes you to your destination at a fixed halts and departs at different stations according to the time set.

Aditi's body lying on the track with a watch next to her means she failed to reach her destination. The watch symbolises time..a family member was strict about time..forcing her to follow a strict timetable.

DREAM 2: A dead body is lying inside a house. There's a huge clock on the wall that has stopped working .. people are mourning in white clothes.. Aditi is wearing colourful clothes and looking very relaxed.

DOCTOR'S ANALYSIS: The clock has stopped working..that means the nagging person is no more. People are mourning but Aditi is cheerful and relaxed.

Dr Bhatt spoke to Aditi's father and took Jilin into confidence. Her father admitted that Aditi's mother often compared her daughter with other Students. He also added that she wouldn't allow her to sleep till almost midnight.. she woke her up at five in the morning to study. She even forced her to drink coffee..this was a stimulant to keep her awake.

Aditi adds, 'After analysing my dreams, Dr Bhatt told me I was bad at time management. He put me on the change in myself within a month of the treatment."

Soon, Aditi gained confidence and studied better. An average student, she was aware of the fact that she was capable of a better performance. "One of the reasons why I couldn't study well was the fact thatI was rushing from one tuition class to the other" she admits.
Aditi took Dr Bhatt's medicines for three months..she scored 89 percent in her board exams. "Now, I'm in standard XII. I think I am doing fine now. I can concentrate better on my studies," she ends.