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Ambitious: Achiever or a Failure


Roller Coaster: situations with lots of sudden highs and lows.

3 people: here it indicates his total involvement, MIND, BODY AND SOUL all together in that ride!!!

Control over my Car, can make it go fast or slow!: I can control the car, my life situation and going vertical meaning m heading towards my goal, achieving my ambitions with full control over the process, a great growth graph!!! CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP.

Food Joints: Food is essential for survival. So during my growth, on my path to achieve my goals, there were lots of food joints meaning always was satisfied with what i did and what i got.... always got rewards.

This was his dream which he got after the medicine!!! but in reality, he is a FAILURE, wherever applied for jobs got disappointments, no control over anything in life.... so there was a great longstanding desire to achieve something in life with full control over mind-body and soul....... all within his subconscious level.. The moment his constitutional medicine was given, the suppressed desire got vent and it came out as this dream....

Once the suppressed emotions get vent, one feels relaxed, starts thinking positive, as we cannot change the situations for you but definitely change the way of looking at them!!!