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Dreams often reflect your child's hidden emotions

Exams check your intellect and the results prove your capabilities. As the exams approach, the tension and fear factors surface, both in the parents & the child. Parents often tend to compare their child with all intellectuals around and the poor obedient child puts lots of efforts to meet up to their expectations.

All is fine till we show them the path to success, but if we try to lift them and start walking ourselves, they will lose their confidence & ultimately their identity and if we try to push them beyond their capacity, they will get into “Cannot Cope Up” situation and will often accept themselves, a failure before reaching their goal, their set destination.

So it’s the parents who have to maintain the equilibrium as how much hard you try, a banana plant will become a banana tree, it can never give mangoes. So our try should be to have better bananas.

A case where an over anxious mother had come with her daughter who was not studying, was feeling very sleepy and irritable when asked to study and ultimately had started abusing. On enquiring, she had two dreams to share.

DREAM 1: Her dead body is lying on a railway track and there is a watch next to it.

THEME: Train is an object that takes you to your destination at a fixed time and it halts on the in-between stations and departs according to the time set. The girl’s body is lying on the track with a watch next to her, meaning she has failed to reach the set destination and the watch, which again symbolizes time! So there has to be someone in the family who is very strict about time and is forcing the child to follow a strict timetable.

DREAM 2: There is a house where someone is dead, there is a huge clock on the wall that has stopped, people are mourning in white clothes, but she is in colorful clothes with a relaxed feeling.

THEME: Tic...Tic clock has stopped, the nagging, torturing person is no more, people are mourning and she is in colorful clothes as she is cheerful and relaxed.

When taken into confidence, the father admitted that its her mother who is so much apprehensive, so much rigid and has habit of comparing her daughter with people around, and would wake her up at 5 am and would not let her sleep till 1.30 am and had started giving her coffee which acts as a stimulant so that the child does not feel sleepy.

When your child cannot cope up with time, starts feeling sleepy, cannot concentrate, cannot retain what has been studied, becomes irritable, and ultimately starts rebelling, an immediate attention is required, as they are indicative of over stress, over burden, over nagging, and over expectations by the parents.

It’s a situation when one makes a BONSAI (the art of growing miniaturized forms of trees and shrubs by rigorous pruning of roots and branches.), he /she is very happy and invites people to see and admire their so-called creations. But can a Bonsai give a same size fruit or same sweetness in fruit as that of a normally grown tree? NO!!!!

Then wake up, your child needs your care, attention and understanding and not just your set timetable!!