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Rheumatoid Arthritis

a patient with rheumatoid arthritis had a dream after the main constitutional medicine:

dream: I am on road, i see a taxi which suddenly stopped on the road! The driver tries to come out through the front door. Suddenly a huge caravan comes from behind and smashes the door. The door gets jammed and he gets stuck inside!!

This dream he got after he was given the homoeopathic medicine based on his nature.

Understanding of the dream: Taxi, a cab is a public carrier, its my life, lived for people....

Suddenly it stops, some point in life where i feel i need to vent out my emotions.....

The driver, thats Him, tries to come out, tries to vent out his emotions, but huge caravan (a strong dominating person in his family) smashes the door, his way to come out with his emotions, he is locked inside, within himself..... and finally has to suppress and all grief, sufferings remain inside.... he is locked, and movements are restricted...

Emotional restrictions, suppressions reflected on body as physical restrictions... restrictions in movements and poor "He" was labelled as a patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis..

When i asked as to who is that strong, dominating character and he looked at me and smiled.. said doc, you know everything... its my sister!!! right from my childhood days, i was never allowed to come out with my problems and always was suppressed!!!!

So when the medicine was given based on his nature, the suppressed emotions got vent and it came out as this dream!!!   

Once you get the vent to your suppressed emotions, you get free from your sufferings which are caused due to them.. The patient is all relieved of his ailments after 7 months of treatment!!!!