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The stuff dreams are made of

May 7, 2007, HT Cafe Mumbai

Dreams have always been a subject of curiosity and fascination. They are an inevitable and inseparable partof us. I treat my patients on the nature of their dreams.

Understanding dreams

My clinical experience says that dreams are the outcome of our bottled up emotions and tell us how welook at the world. Sometimes they can be easily times they are vague and require an expert to understand arid interpret them.

A common dream about tryjng implies that we want to scale great heights or reach our destination in a short time.

We experience different forms of flightin our dreams, depending on the intensity of our desires and the hard work that we put in to fulfill our desires, fears and obstacles
that come in the way of our goals.

Dreams of flying high like an eagle indicates one is well-focused, can sense opportunities and grab them..also capable of scaling great heights in one's profession
with ease.

A person who dreams of flying high but with a lot of struggle and effort implies high expectations but the person is scared to continue..although he wishes to grow in
one's field he has fear of failure.

Split personality

A 25-year old man came to me with a degenerative disease of the spine. He revealed only his good side to me. So did his parents; But I wondered how someone could suffer

from an illness like this without a destructive mental state? I asked him about his dreams.

He told me he had Ii recurrent dream. "I dream I'm donating stuff in bulk..suddenly I fmd a knife and I stab someone. Then I turn the knife around and around and
pull out his intestines. I enjoy this dream."

This indicated a person with a dual personality. His wife when taken into confidence confirmed this. I treated him accordingly.

Little Mansi

My most unique patient has been Mansi Thakkar. She was diagnosed with the Dandy Walker syndrome when she was just six weeks old. It was a case of brain malformation with a hole in the skull..a . small section of the brain projected out through this.

A neuro-surgeon told the parents the only option was to go for surgery but it could have resulted in mental retardation and other abnormalities. But without surgery, the  chances of the child's survival were very remote.

The baby's reports were also sent to a neuro- surgeon in the US who sent an email to the parents convincing them to let the baby die;.she would be a vegetable even if she survived the surgery..

'Diseases reflect a person's emotional turmon. I asked for the mother's pregnancy history. Every thing a woman experiences during pregnancy her baby. 

I noted the mother's recurrent dreams. They reflected too much pressure on an emotional level. She could handle the pressure.. the baby couldn't.

Pressure in the child's brain during pregnancy could have caused the hole in the skull. I got her started on my homeopathic worked.

Six months later, Mansi was cured of her ailment. That was in 2000. It feels so good to see Mansi now. She's a sweet and intelligent seven.year-old girl today..' .