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Dreaming of Snakes? You could be in trouble

27th October, 2005, Bombay Times.


According to clinical experience, dreams are a part of our complex system. They are the outcome of our stored emotions and tell us about how we look at our world.

Sometimes they are crystal clear and can be understood easily but many a times they are vague and require an expert's intervention to understand or Interpret them.

For instance, people sometimes drear of a rat. Rat being an inconspicuous animal, a dream of it may have no significance to the dreamer and hence may go unnoticed.

According to me a rat is a rodent who comes out at night and eats away your food. It Implies that one sees somone who would come out at night, when it is dark, and eats away one's food. Here darkness can be Interpreted as being unaware and food as something on which one survives. So the dream here means that you see someone trying

to take away something from you that is very Important to you when you are unaware or oblivious of it. You do not trust someone for something that is very precious to you.

There can be many ways to interpret this dream, depending upon various factors. There are people who dream of cats.Cat is an animal that is very smart, shrewd and intelligent. If one dreams of white cat, then there is a secure feeling as white colour signifies purity, safety and peace. Someone who is as smart as a cat and as pure as the colour white is with you as a friend. But if one dreams of a black cat it signifies negativity. It could mean that you are around someone who is shrewd and systematically harming you.

Another common dream people have is of seeing themselves fly. Flying means to soar heights or to reach one's destination in a short time. Flying in the dream is related to one's ambition, a goal or a target to be achieved in a short span. One may see oneself flying high like an eagle. Eagle stands for achieving heights
of success with effortlessness, balance, sharp vision and alertness to catch the prey.


OF SNAKES: Dreaming of being surrounded by snakes means you are surrounded by suspicious, tricky, jealous, revengeful, glamourous people, who charm you thoroughly and the moment you are in their control will harm you extensively. That's because snakes do not walk straight, rather slither zigzag.

OF MISSING A TRAIN: It means that an opportunity may be missed.

Train is a medium that takes you to your destination. So missing a train is missing an opportunity to reach your destination, your ambition, your goal.


Lion is a symbol of authority. Lion will not attack or kill unless and until he is hungry. So, if the authority chases you, fault is somewhere within you. You have done something wrong, you are guilty.


Many books say that tiger attacks or kills its prey even if he is not hungry. So here one is being victimised, one Is being punished for no fault of his/her.

Thus, dreams tell us about the mental make up of a person, the way In which one thinks, and the way one perceives one's world. Knowing the dreams is knowing a person.

Recurrent dreams are very important as they reflect the person's unfulfilled wishes, unresolved problems and life situations. Till the person gets to vent out his socalled problems, they keep getting the dreams either the same or different with the same theme.